All You Need To Know About Pubic Pimples

What Are Pubic Pimples

Pubic pimples appear the pubic, breeding in the moist warm areas. They are often red and irritated. They can be hot to the touch, itching and burning. It is common for yellow or white pus to be discharged from the pimples. If the pus has a foul odor, your pubic pimples are infected. Any sign of infection should be seen by a doctor.

What Causes Pubic Pimples

Pubic pimples can appear on anyone, regardless of your personal hygiene habits. They most often happen during periods of change in the body including puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. Some people develop pubic pimples from wearing underwear that is too tight, causing friction in the pubic area. They can be the result of excessive sweating during extremely hot weather or sports. Allergic reactions to soaps and lotions are common. Using a dull razor to shave can also result in pubic pimples. Never use a razor more than once, as bacteria and body oils can be on it. Upon using it again, you will spread that bacteria and oil to other areas of the body.

How To Tell If Pubic Pimples Are Caused By STDs Or Shaving

Occasionally, pubic pimps are a sign of a sexually transmitted disease. Generally, most pubic pimples will disappear with in three or four days. However, those that are the result of an STD will not go away without medical treatment. Pubic pimples could be a symptom of genital herpes, a yeast infection, and syphilis. It is possible to get a STD that causes pubic pimples from oral sex. If you develop pubic pimples after having unprotected sex, see a doctor immediately so that the proper testing can be done.

Prevention Of Pubic Pimples

Good personal hygiene can help prevent pubic pimples. Thoroughly washing the pubic area with soap, scrubbing with a loofa or washrag will help loosen dead skin and oils that can lead to pubic pimples. Make sure you wear underwear that fits well and is comfortable. If you find yourself getting pubic pimples due to sweating, apply baby powder to the pubic area prior to getting dressed. The baby powder will help absorb the moisture. Do not engage in unprotected sex, so that it won’t be possible for your pubic pimples to be the result of a sexually transmitted disease. To look at great pubic shaving products that will leave you with fabulous results, go to Here you will find access to the best products designed to meet your shaving needs. Using the proper products will reduce the risk of pubic pimples occurring.

Treatment For Pubic Pimples

Most pubic pimples will disappear within three or four days on their own. To relieve the itching and irritation, apply cortisone cream or other anti-inflammatory cream to the area several times a day. Clean the area with medical soap, then apply rubbing alcohol to the pimples. Avoid the temptation to squeeze the pus out of the pimples as this can lead to an infection. If a pubic pimple oozes, clean the area thoroughly to prevent it from coming into contact with other parts of your body. If your pubic pimples don’t clear up in a few days or are accompanied by a high fever contact your doctor. Sexually transmitted diseases including crabs may cause pubic pimples to develop.

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