Hair Removal On Vagina

What Makes Hair Removal on the Vagina Different?

Hair removal along the bikini line or above the vagina is different from removing hair along the sides of the vagina. This is because the area surrounding the vagina has uneven surfaces due to the position of your clitoris, labia and the general opening of the vagina. Any sharp object used to remove hair in this region would be dangerous because it may cause cuts very easily. You want to avoid cuts in this area in case they get infected and you don’t want to be in a position to visit a doctor because you have an infected vagina as it would be very embarrassing indeed.

Should You Use Razors to Remove Vaginal Hair?

Traditional razor blades and electric razors that were not designed for the pubic region are unsuitable for removing vaginal hair. They cannot provide you with a close shave, may lead to cuts and even ingrown pubic hair. That is why I do not recommend using leg shavers, facial shavers and other non-pubic region specific shavers to remove pubic hair. If you are willing to endure the pain of bikini waxing, you may use that as a means to remove the pubic hair around your vagina.

Choosing the Right Tools For Vagina Hair Removal

However, what I personally use and recommend is a simple pair of tweezers to pluck out any strands of hair on your genitals and the Body Bare shaver to finish the job. I believe this is an excellent combination for anyone who wants to shave their vaginas. It will provide you with smooth and sexy results and you will not have to experience the annoying vagina bumps that other methods may leave you with. You can do this in the privacy of your own home at the fraction of the cost compared to other hair removal methods.

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