Identifying And Treating Pubic Rashes

What Are Pubic Rashes?

A pubic rash occurs when the skin in the pubic region becomes irritated. While not generally serious, such a rash leads to embarrassment, the constant need to scratch in the pubic area, redness, soreness, and often pain as the area becomes inflamed.

What Causes Pubic Rashes?

Pubic rash can be onset by a variety of factors. Shaving too frequently can lead to a rash because the skin is dry and coming into constant contact with a razor. An allergic reaction to a soap, lotion, or cream can also cause a pubic rash. Fungal diseases often result in pubic rashes. These diseases are the result of excessive sweating in the pubic region. Clothing, including underwear that is too tight can result in a pubic rash because the skin in that area can’t breathe.

Is It Pubic Rash Or A Sexually Transmitted Disease?

Sexually transmitted diseases including scabies and crabs can result in extreme pubic rashes. It is important to find out if your pubic rash is the result of unprotected sex. If there is a possibility seek medical attention for proper treatment.

Preventing Pubic Rashes

To prevent a pubic rash, do not shave more than every couple of days. Make sure to wash the pubic area thoroughly first, and apply a lotion or cream to the area prior to shaving. Since using the wrong shaving products plays a role in the development of a pubic rash, you might want to get a pubic shaver like the Body Bare. This site offers pubic shavers that work to give you great shaving results while protecting your skin from irritations that can cause a pubic rash. Since allergic reactions can occur from soaps, lotions, or creams, only add one new product to your cleansing routine at a time. This way, if a pubic rash occurs you will be able to pin point the cause immediately. It is important to always use protection during sex to avoid the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. To prevent a fungal disease, keep the pubic area free of sweat. If you do become sweaty, shower with an anti bacterial soap as soon as possible. To keep the pubic area dry, consider applying baby power to the area after showering.

Treatment For Pubic Rashes

Proper personal hygiene can greatly reduce the chances of a pubic rash occurring. Make sure to clean the pubic area thoroughly each time you shower. In extremely hot or humid weather, consider showering more than once per day. Make sure your clothing fits loose enough to allow air to circulate in the pubic area. If you experience a pubic rash after changing soaps, lotions, or creams, immediately discontinue using it. Take a warm shower with an anti bacterial soap to help limit the penetration of the allergen into your pubic area skin. Applying cortisone cream to the area can help alleviate the pain and itching.

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