Male Pubic Hair Removal

For a number of years now, the hair free pubic region look has been all the rage among men and women of all ages. Many people find the look of pubic hair unsightly, so they use various forms of pubic hair removal such as, laser treatment, electrolysis, waxing, and shaving. Male pubic hair removal is quite different from other types of hair removal, and the delicate skin in that area of the body needs to be given special consideration.

Men have of course been shaving their genital area for quite some time, but unfortunately there is still quite a bit of misinformation around about how to shave a man’s pubic hair properly. An improperly done male pubic hair removal job can result in pain, inflammation and even in permanent scarring, so it pays to look at what works, and what doesn’t, before getting started.

Some sort of male pubic hair removal has been practiced throughout history, although exact statistics on this intimate practice have of course been hard to come by. In modern times, male genital hair removal has been gaining wider acceptance since the 1990s, with many men favoring the clean shaven look that such hair removal provides.

Another big advantage of male pubic hair removal is sexual in nature, and the shaved pubic region and shaved scrotum can be many times more sensitive than the same region with hair. This increased sexual stimulation and enhanced sexual pleasure is of course one of the major driving forces behind the quest for a hair free body.

Male pubic hair removal is in essence just what the name implies – namely the removal of all hair from the sensitive genital region, including the testicles and scrotum. The challenges of removing hair from such a sensitive region are obvious, and it is important for men to understand how to do this important job properly.

The options for male pubic hair removal are somewhat limited, especially compared to ridding the body of other unwanted hair. Many products that work quite well on other parts of the body are simply not designed to work with the delicate skin of the genital region, so it is important to read the labels carefully and never use any depilatory cream or other product that has not been designed for pubic hair removal.

Some of the most popular male pubic hair removal services include waxing, hair pulling and electrolysis, but all these methods have some significant drawbacks, including serious pain, skin irritation and even the possibility of disfiguring scarring. Other methods of male pubic hair removal include laser treatments, but these treatments can be quite costly, and somewhat embarrassing as well. Furthermore, the male pubic area requires more work than the female pubic region and this explains why hair removal services like waxing are more expensive for men than for women.

Many men have chosen the do it yourself approach, simply taking their electric razor and applying it to their nether regions. The problems with this approach are easy to anticipate, and even safety razors can pose significant risks for this delicate part of the body. In addition, shaving in this manner often means the hair will grow back quickly, and more thickly, meaning more and more frequent shaving sessions will be needed as time wears on.

Fortunately for those men who favor the cleanly shaved look, there are some real solutions available. The best solution to the problem of male pubic hair remover is simply to purchase a specially designed shaver that has been specifically designed with the special needs of the pubic region in mind. These personal shavers, like the ones found at, can help men shave their genitals safely and in comfort. It makes a lot of sense to purchase a dedicated shaver for this special purpose, and doing so can eliminate many of the problems associated with keeping this intimate area free of annoying and irritating hair.

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