No More Pain – Shave Your Scrotum the Right Way

Few men look forward to shaving, and when it comes time to shave the scrotum it is no wonder so many of us chicken out and let nature take her course. While the shaved look is no doubt attractive, and has a great many benefits for men, achieving that hair free scrotum can be downright painful.

For many years, the options for men who wanted to shave their scrotum were severely limited, and each option had its own serious drawbacks. One of the most popular ways to achieve that highly sought after hair free look was simply to use one of those depilatory or hair removal creams and lotions. You know the ones – the ones originally designed to remove hair from ladies’ legs and underarms.

Using a cream or lotion designed for women’s legs and underarms on a sensitive region like the scrotum has a number of obvious problems, and in fact many such products specifically recommend against using it on the pubic area. Many men who have tried this approach can tell stories of rashes, severe itching, pimpling and even permanent scarring.

With depilatory creams and lotions on the do not try list, many men have taken to employing the same razor they use to shave their face to shave their scrotums as well. Again, the problems inherent with this approach are obvious, and a simple slip could have serious consequences when it comes to this most sensitive of areas. Extreme caution must be used, even with the safest and gentlest of razors, and still irritation, swelling and redness can often result.

Even with all these problems inherent in the search for a hair free scrotum, many men have persisted in their search, and the lucky ones have found a true solution to keeping the genital area hair free while at the same time avoiding the problems encountered with other hair removal methods.

This better way to shave the scrotum is known as the personal genital shaver, and unlike regular razors this appliance is designed with the specific needs of the genital area in mind. The skin of the genital region in general, and the scrotum in particular, is quite different than any other skin on the body, and it deserves the special care that only a personal intimate shaver can provide.

Indeed, the intimate shavers like the ones that can be found at are designed to provide a close and comfortable shave of the scrotum, testicles and genital area, certainly a important consideration for men who have experienced the pain and discomfort associated with traditional methods of genital shaving.

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