Prevention And Relief For Ingrown Pubic Hair

What Are Ingrown Pubic Hair?

Ingrown pubic hairs are the result of pieces of hair that break off under the skin, resulting in the hair attempting to grow through tissue rather than a hair follicle. Occasionally, the hair will begin growing back into the skin, resulting in the area becoming red and painful. Ingrown pubic hairs are often annoying and painful. It is a myth that ingrown pubic hairs are common in individuals who have poor oral hygiene. The irritations of ingrown pubic hair include red bumps, a rash, an area that is red and sore.

What Causes Ingrown Pubic Hair?

Ingrown pubic hairs are often the result of not taking the time to exfoliate before waxing. The exfoliation process removes the dead skin that is often a contributing factor to the start of ingrown pubic hairs. It is important not to exfoliate the skin if you already have ingrown hairs in the area. Doing so can cause further irritation and pain. Improper waxing practices can also lead to ingrown pubic hairs. Make sure to always remove hair from the root to prevent breakage below the skin.

Using a razor to shave the pubic areas is very common. Failure to shave in the direction that the hair grows can lead to ingrown pubic hair. Other hair removal processes including waxing and shaving can irritate the hair follicles, leading to ingrown pubic hairs. Make sure you use a quality razor to shave with that has a sharp blade.

How To Prevent Ingrown Pubic Hair?

The best way to treat ingrown pubic hair is to stop it from happening in the first place. Following the correct procedures while waxing and shaving will significantly reduce the risk of ingrown pubic hairs. Use a shaving cream or lotion that has a conditioner in it. This will help expose the hair from the roots, making it easier to remove the entire piece of hair. If you are prone to ingrown pubic hairs, use a loofa daily when you shower to loosen more dead skin. Also use either baby oil or lotion daily after showering to keep the hair follicles soft and exposed.

How To Treat Ingrown Pubic Hair

Relieving the pain caused by ingrown pubic hairs is important, because these hairs cause discomfort. To help ingrown pubic hairs work themselves out, apply a warm compress to the area several times a day. Some people report that soaking the areas in a hot tub helps relieve the pain caused by ingrown pubic hairs. Wearing underwear that is loose will help relieve the pain and irritation.

While some people pull them out, this can lead to future hairs from that follicle being ingrown as well. It can also lead to an infection if you haven’t properly sterilized the area. If you continue to get ingrown pubic hairs, consider purchasing an over the counter cream or consult your doctor who can prescribe a prescription medication. If you allow them to continue untreated they can result in a mass under your skin, leading to painful cysts developing. The cysts will be sore and infected, requiring medical treatment.

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