Pubic Hair Styles

There are a lot of new trends in pubic hair saving. I have a list of the more popular and widely used pubic hair styles used by both men and women today. Some of the pubic hair styles below can be shaved with pubic templates from while some have to be done with your 100% of your shaving skills.

The Heart

As its name states, this pubic hair style design consists on shaving every trace of pubic hair but a portion with the shape of a heart. This one is very popular on Valentine’s day, and it’s a great gift for a hot night with someone special.

The Star

Similar to the heart, but the portion of pubic hair left is shaped like a star. Although technically there are several different pubic hair styles that represent stars, the most popular one is the regular five peeks star.

The Crescent Moon

This one is classy. A very tempting crescent moon that is very popular amongst teenage girls… and much appreciated by teenage boys too.

The Landing Strip

This pubic hair style is a classic. It’s been a popular choice since the very beginning of pubic hair shaving. It consists on shaving all pubic hair; except for a thin strip down the center of the pubic area.

The Triangle (Also Known As “Dorito”)

The Dorito (called like this because its triangular form resembles that of the famous snack) is a very popular pubic hair design too. It consists on a triangle of hair with the tip pointing downwards.

The Cockhawk

The cockhawk is a pubic hair style that somehow resembles the female landing strip, except for the fact that it is mostly used by men. It also consists on leaving a strip of pubic hair unshaved, but in this case is a little bit wider than the landing strip. Its name comes from the fact that it resembles the Mohawk hairstyle.

The Gaussian

This one is more popularly called “the bell”. It consists on shaving everything but a small bell-shaped portion of pubic hair right in the middle of the groin area. It’s called “Gaussian” because of its shape: in mathematics and probability, a “gaussian” distribution has the shape of a bell. Yes, I know; math meets pubic hair, go figure.

The Flaimhawk

The flaimhawk is popular amongst men. This great pubic hair design consists on shaving every piece of pubic hair except for a strip. Once this strip of hair is well defined, hair gel is applied to it to form spikes.

The Crew Pube

This pubic hair style resembles those flat-top, crew cut haircuts, often used by the military.

The Pullet

This pubic hair style consists on clipping the hair around the genitalia. Its name comes from the contraction of the words “pubic” and “mullet”.

The Boss Hog

The Boss Hog can be defined as the opposite of the landing strip. This is a female pubic hair style that consists on shaving just the vertical strip on the very center of the groin area, leaving hair on both sides.

The Hitlerstache

This pubic hair style consists on shaving the groin completely, except for a small square portion right above the genitals. It’s called Hitlerstache because it looks like the mustache Adolf Hitler used to wear.

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